Facts about our off-road RC Track

The off-road RC track was added to the facilities in 2015 to complement the pre-existing on-road track within the Al Ain Sportsplex. It is the UAEs only permanent RC racing facilities and therefore, considered the home of competitive RC Racing. 

 The track layout is from own Binona driver Edward Anthonisijz, an experienced RC driver who is well embedded with the global RC community and travels annually to compete at various international RC Events. 


The off-road RC track is adaptable to accommodate different routes providing suitable runs for both 1/8 and 1/10 scale Nitro and Electric vehicles across a roughly 1400 square-meter surface with lanes averaging a width of 4.5m. The track has sufficient barriers to hold the integrity of the lanes, and islands to enable track marshal to operate. 

 Depending on the configuration of the track itself, drivers will encounter many challenging turns, fast straights, at varying levels and heights of the track, in addition to 4-6 jumps. 


UAE Rc Track



 The most noteworthy part about the UAE RC Tracks that it is built within the desert and had to engineered to overcome the extreme, abrasive desert weather conditions the Middle East is known, viable to hold as permanent facilities while also keep maintenance scalable. 

Meeting the requirements mentioned above was no small feature. It required 75 trucks of custom soil material had to be acquired and brought in, compacted and sealed by a company that specializes in soil and erosion control. 

It’s most pleasing to say that the effort has paid off and that track stands out for its unique surface and terrain midst the desert setting. 

In comparison to many other off-road tracks, our surface provides higher traction surface than most off-road tracks you may come across, providing an out of the norm, and challenging experience to find the right set-up while maximizing the fun factor. 

Five years in, the track has maintained its integrity and condition proving the well-designed efforts have paid off carrying a slight groove embedding the legacy of many great races and track days. 

Looking back: Off-Road Track opening, and National Day Championship with International drivers.

We have been very active tidying up our digital presence and planning while we are all doing our best to safe guard public health in light of COVID-19 and waiting for restrictions to lift and the track to re-open to ease the RC addict in us.

As with most spring cleaning and planning, there is usually a moment of reflecting and looking back at the hard work and good times, that have built our little RC Racing community and what makes it great.

A key moment that sticks out is official opening of our Off-Road Track for UAE National day 2015, and also first International Race with drivers coming in from various corners of the world, such as Kuwait, Oman, United States, and Thailand, in addition to our UAE based drivers.

Among our attendance we were pleased to welcome professional drivers Ryan Lutz, Meen Verjak, Surikarn Chaidajsuriya.

Hosting a race with International Drivers together with our Local racers was a very compelling opportunity to invest in our local community and one we won’t forget.

To keep things simple and share the experience here is a collection of material we have come across the past few days, including the documentary video and the Team Tekno RC Blog post on Ryan Lutz experience with us.

RC Racing in the region is still very nascent, and as we continue to grow the community, interest and skill of our drivers, we hope to put on similar events in the future


Tekno RC Blog Race report:

Source: Tekno RC Blog

Ryan Lutz Wins National Day Event at Binona RC in Al Ain, UAE.

Ryan Lutz attended the first International race at Binona RC track in Al Ain, UAE, winning both nitro buggy and truggy classes against some international high profile drivers. Here is a report from Ryan:

This past weekend I traveled nearly halfway around the world to attend the first International race at Binona RC in Al Ain, United Arab Emirates. The journey would take me on a 24 hour trip one way, with another 1.5 hour drive from the Dubai airport. I must admit there was a bit of apprehension traveling to the Middle East with all that is going on in the world today. But I also suspected that much of it is overblown sensationalism by the US Media. My trip there was overall good including getting business class on the longest leg from Atlanta to Amsterdam. The only negative was the 24 hours + of sitting and being stuck in a sardine can, but for the most part it went reasonably fast.

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Good group of guys at Binona RC Tracks in UAE.

Meen V and Surikan from Thailand also made the trip and it turned out Meen and I would have some good close competition in the buggy class. The challenge was of course the set-up on this super hard, abrasive, high traction surface. I threw all kinds of set-up changes at my buggy and although it wasn’t perfect even at the end I got it much closer though lots of trial and error.


Upon arrival to the track on Thursday morning I got to see what looked to be a fun track with a peculiar surface. The track was basically completely concrete, which I was informed of ahead of time, so I made sure to bring my AKA Medium Long Wear compound tires. The racing scene is new to this region and so the turnout was very light by most event standards that I attend. However those who did attend all had a great time, and I hope were able to learn some things by me being able to attend.

Binona RC Track
Binona RC Track

In qualifying I was able to take TQ in Buggy and Truggy in Q1. In Q2 though I had a couple to many mistakes and Meen would take the TQ in buggy. In Q3 I got caught up in traffic and Meen again got me and thus I overall got TQ in truggy and 2nd in buggy.

View from the back stretch
View from the back stretch

In buggy their was enough entries to do a Semi-Final, and so in the 30 minute semi-final I was able to win and put in the fastest 30 minute run by a couple laps to seat first into the 45 min A-final. About 10 minutes after the Semi- Buggy was the 45 minute truggy A-final. I had a good time in this race stretching a 9 minute pit strategy with the new Alpha Dragon 3 engine. Again the engines running great in both cars! In the last 3 minutes or so I came in for a quick splash of fuel because for that remaining time I tried not to lift! I drove full throttle everywhere and tried to do some bicycles around corners and down the straight. I had a great time and it sounded like all those watching did as well. After the tone sounded I won the 45min race by nearly 8 laps.

Truggy A-Final Result. Top three drivers driving the NT48.3 Truggy!
Truggy A-Final Result. Top three drivers driving the NT48.3 Truggy!
Truggy Podium, all Tekno RC!
Truggy Podium, all Tekno RC!
My Dialed as Always Tekno NT48.3
My Dialed as Always Tekno NT48.3

Last was the 45 min Buggy final. At the start Meen was chomping at my heels for the first 3 laps until I finally got a groove and built a 2 second lead. Then I had a very poor lap with 3 crashes (and limited marshalls) which ended up costing me 18 seconds on that one lap! So now I was 18 seconds behind Meen but I found a groove and started clicking off consistent high 29’s with Meen doing low 30’s. So I was gaining and soon found myself 10 seconds back. He then made a mistake and I was within 2. I finished reeling him in and shortly there after he had to do some tire changes as his tires came unglued. So with the issues he ended up having I set it into 100% cruise control and still tried to nail those 29’s every lap. I would end up taking the win by over 5 laps in the 45 minutes.

My Evermore Dialed Tekno RC NB48.3
My Evermore Dialed Tekno RC NB48.3

I want to give a huge thank you to Edward for inviting me to the event and to Aws for driving me around and taking me back to Dubai after the races. I met a lot of great people and I really hope this event is the spark that will get R/C growing in the U.A.E.

Finally it’s break time for me with just some club racing to tide me over until next year. Looking forward to the family time!


Source: Tekno RC Blog

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