2021/22 Binona RC Champion and Rising Star Cup

Binona RC Championship and Rising Star

As we start the RC schedule for this year we are pleased to announced the Binona Champion and Rising Star Cup in an effort to recognize the performance and commitment of our persitant drivers.

The Champion and Rising Start Cup will be awarded in the following Classes:

  • 1/8 Nitro Buggy
  • 1/10 Nitro On Road
  • 1/10 Electric 4WD Touring Car – 13.5T Boosted

Which Races are Binona Cup Races

  • Race must be at the Binona RC Track in Al Ain and are marked on the schedule as a Binona Cup Races

Who qualifies for the Championship

  • Any Drivers who attends 4 out 5 races, marked as a Binona Cup Race on the schedule, of the same Race class (mentioned above) in Al Ain.
  • Races will be marked as Binona Cup Races on the schedule

How many Champions will there be

  • There will be a single Binona Champion, and a single Rising Star cup

Who is the Binona Cup Champion

  • The Binona Cup Champion is the drivers with the overall highest amount of points at the end of the series. More on howthe points system works below

Who is the Binona Cup Rising Star

  • The Binona Cup rising star is the driver who has pushed the hardest throughout the season towards bumping to Amain from BMain.

What do the Binona Cup and Rising Star Cup holders get

  • First of all recognition for their performance and of course the Binona Cup trophy to show it off!

How is the Rising Star determined

  • The Rising will star on the Points table after the avg. count of AMain drivers across all races


A Main Driver Count

  • Race 1 = 7 Drivers
  • Race 2 = 5 Drivers
  • Race 3 = 6 Drivers
  • Race 4 = 9 Drivers

Average count of Amain Drivers = 6.75 (rounded 7)

The Rising star will be the driver positioned 8th on the Points table. The Intermediate Champion will be the driver positioned 8th on the Points table. 

How does the point system work and how many points are awarded. 

We will run a standard point series based on final results points in the timing system so everything is programmatically calculated in the race softwar. 

Each Race Final Result Points will be distributed across the entire race per class according to the grid below. 

Point Grid

First Place points100
Bonus for First3
Increment Value 1
Up to Position 50
Top Qualifier per Class

Example Count distribution based on final points:


Example Count distribution based on final points assuming first position also received TQ:

1102 (100 final points + 2 TQ)