1/8 RC Buggy Race at at Binona – 19th of March 2022

Binona RC with the support of RC-ME.com will be hosting our third road buggy event of the year on the 19th of March in Al Ain.

Race Information


We will be racing the 1/8 Nitro Buggies

Race Fee: 100 AED (covers admin and track marshalls)

Rules & Specifications

Please make sure to read the specs for 1/8 Nitrobuggy on our recently updated RC race class information and specs here.


Click here to sign up to race on RC-ME.com

Race Day Schedule and information

1.) Safety

COVID-19 precautions:

  • Social Distancing (min 2m) must be adhered to at all times
  • Everyone must Wear Masks at all times 
  • If you do not feel well or showing symptoms, please do not come, and notify us
  • Hand Sanitizers are placed on all tables and to be used regularly and we ask everyone to help keep surfaces clean 
  • The Race Admin area is only to be occupied by the race administration, not racers
  • Only Race Administration and registered racers occupy pit area and driving stands. Please ask all visitors to spectate from the other side of the track.
  • Drivers Briefing and Awarding must take place outside of the pit tent in a socially distanced manor. 
  • If anyone at any time shows temperature or symptoms, you will need to self isolate in your vehicle while we notify the DHA for guidance on next steps

General Safety:

  • We recommend wearing closed shoes to protect your feet during track marshalling
  • We ask everyone’s support to advise spectators and passers-by to not step into the track to avoid Injury. Especially Children 
  • Batteries are to be kept in a LIPO Bag or case while charging, or not in use

2.) Location

3.) Facilities 

  • Everyone is to use bins and help keep our area clean and make use of garbage bins close by
  • If bins are full, we have extra bin bags on standby, ask!
  • Toilets are available on site
  • Please bring your own food

4.) Schedule

We continue to grow, so therefore also need to respect everyone’s time. heats will be run on schedule independent of racers being at the drivers stand.

Registration check in11:00 AM 12:00 PM
Driver Briefing 12:00 PM12:15 PM
Qualifiers 12:30 PM2:30 PM
Break02:30 PM03:30 PM
Mains03:40 PM04:40 PM
Award Ceremony05:30 PM06:00 PM

A provisional heat schedule is at the end of this page.

5.) Upon arrival 

  • Registration – Immediately meet us at the administration desk so we can check you in the race system

6.) Driver Briefing

  • Attendance to the driver briefing ins mandatory.
  • We will share important information for the race and also handout race numbers.

7.) Transponders

  • We will be using the Mylaps transponders system.
  • Drivers must bring their own (no rental available)
  • If you own a transponder, confirm the number is correct (if not notify Race Admin)

8.) Class specifications

  • We are very proud our community is growing and our driver’s ability increase. Therefore we must continue to protect our races’ integrity races’ integrity to enable future growth.
  • We continue to increase our focus more on technical adherence to race specifications. This creates an equal playing field and more competition during the race. 
  • Each racers must  have complete the sign up registration form on RC-ME.com acknowledging you have read all class information

9.) How the Race works 


  • For race classes with high participation the drivers will be broken up into several groups.
  • The number of heats each group drivers per class (1/8 Nitro buggy) will vary depending on how many participants are in each class, and our ability to manage schedule for us to start and finish on time on race day.
  • Heats will be 4 Min
  • For each round (heat) drivers will get points, based on number of laps and time of finishing laps.
  • Qualifying Rounds (heats) will have a staggered start where the computer will call out your name up which you start the race.
  • Every driver will have full 4 Minutes on the track.
  • In each round, drivers will score points based on the laps and times achieved.
  • The number of points awarded to the best driver will be equal to 0, second position 2, points, 3rd position 3 points etc. Up to last position one by one.
  • In every round, in case of a tie, the points will be equally awarded to each driver, and the first driver not to tie, will receive points according to their position in the qualifying list.
  • For example:
    • 1st driver will score 0 points
    • 2nd driver will score 2 points
    • 3rd driver will score 3 points
    • 4th driver will score 4 points
    • 5th driver 7 laps, 10:01:00 will score 5 points TIE
    • 6th driver 7 laps, 10:01:00 will score 5 points TIE
    • 7th driver 7 laps, 10:01:00 will score 5 points
    • TIE 8th driver 7 laps, 10:10:00 will score 8 points
  • In the event of a tied position for the final Qualifying positions when ‘best’ scores are added together, only the scores (and laps/times) from counting Rounds added will be used to decide the tie. The discarded Round scores (and laps/times) will not be used to decide any tie. The driver with the lowest individual points within the Round scores added will be awarded the tie: (eg. 1+2+3=6 beats 2+2+2=6). If the tie continues, the next best individual points will be considered: (eg. 1+1+4=6 beats 1+2+3=6).
  • If a comparison of points fails to break the tie, then the laps & times from each drivers lowest point scoring Round will be compared. The driver with the fastest laps & time from their lowest point scoring Round will be awarded the tie. In the unlikely event of these times being equal, then the second best points scoring Round times will be used. If a driver does not score a time (or has his time disqualified) in any Round, the driver scores points equal to 500, DNS (Did Not Start).
  • In the case the race director needs to call a false start, all cars are to remain on the track and drivers are to remain on the stand and follow the race directors instructions. It is not permitted to make any changes or modification to your car in in the time between the false start and restart of the race.

Overall qualifying positions

The results are based on the points where the result is determined as such:

  • Out of  three (3) Qualifying Rounds: each drivers best two (2) point scores (lowest) will be added to count for the Overall Ranking.
  • Out of two or one (2/1) Qualifying Rounds: each drivers best one (1) point score (lowest) will be used to count for the Overall Ranking.

All drivers will be entitled to participate in a Main final (A,B,C)

Mains (Finals)

  • The groups class will be 30min for A-Main and 20min for B-Main.
  • The overall amount of Mains (i.e. A-Main, B-Main, C-Main) is determined by the amount of participants per class
  • For each round (heat) drivers will get points, based on number of laps and time of finishing laps.
  • Mains Rounds (heats) will have a Grid Start signaled by the race system or announcement from race admin
  • The Main you participate in and the position on the grid is determined by your results in the qualifying rounds.
  • We aim to run up to 3 rounds (heats_ per Main, and will run minimum 1 if schedule does not permit.

The results are based on the points where the result is determined as such:

  • Out of  three (3) Main Rounds: each drivers best two (2) point scores (lowest) will be added to count for the Overall Final score.
  • Out of two or one (2/1) Main Rounds: each drivers best one (1) point score (lowest) will be used to count for the Overall Ranking.

There will be a podium and top 3 winners determined for each Main (A,B,C) per class.

10.) Technical Inspection

  • Technical inspections will take place before and after heats at random selection
  • We maintain the right to inspect your car at any time.
  • Cars which are not presented for technical inspection upon request may be disqualified from that heat.
  • Any race damage will be taken into account.
  • At the end of finals, all cars will be impounded and may be inspected.

11.) Driving Standards

  • Please be respectful of other drivers on the track and their equipment 
  • Show Teammanship throughout the entire day and the race. Help each other become faster. If you accidentally jumped a barrier and gained a position via short cut, let that person pass you again. 
  • Intentional ramming is strongly discouraged
  • Speak to each other on the driving stand
  • There will be no use of the track between Qualifier or Mains Heats
  • Cars are to be placed on the straight with no laps driven until the start of the heat unless the Race Director asks you to so
  • Qualifiers are not a Main – focus on clean lines and times
  • If you are on the same lap. If the person behind is lapping, you must give way. 

12.) Track Marshalls

Hired track Marshalls will be available and funded from the race fee

12.) Food

Please bring your own food.

13.) Provisional heat Schedule

Track Mate Transponder Installation

How the Track Mate RC timing system works

The Track Mate Iridium lap counter uses infrared technology in its transponders and detectors. When a transponder (each have a unique ID), attached to your RC car passes under a timing bridge holding the detectors, it sends a signal to our PC that captures all the Lap details (count and time) and helps us manage the race.

Transponders registration

We will provide you a transponder with a Unique ID which we will save your details against, that you will need to install in your car.


The transponder will be provided for free against a 100 AED (per transponder) deposit, you will receive upon returning the transponder fully functional.

Installing the transponder

The transponder needs to be securely installed on the chassis of your car, with servo tape or Velcro, of your car where the IR LED of the transponder (square and white) is able to “see” the sensors of the timing bridge through a transparent piece of the body (e.g. window).

Important Note: You may need to cut a hole in your body, or remove any stickers covering the window to create a line of site between the transponder and the timing bridge. We do not recommend attaching the transponder outside of the body.

Power supply:

The transponder is equipped with a connector which you can plug into a spare slot of your receiver to receive power .

If  you do not have a spare slot in your receiver it is possible to use a y-harness connector to make use of a single receiver slot to both power your transponder and your servo/esc.

Servo Y Harness
The Y Harness is used to make use of a single receiver slot to power a servo/esc and transponder at same time

Installation Examples:

Tamiya M-Chassis:

Track Mate Transponder on Tamiya M-Chassis
The Track Mate transponder is securely fitted to the Chassis of the Tamiya M-Chassis

1:10 Electric Touring Car:

Track Mate Transponder security fitted to Chassis of 1:10 Touring Car
The Track Mate Transponder is securely fitted to the body of the 1:10 Electric Touring Car

Track Mate transponder in 1:10 Touring Car
The Track Mate responder is clearly visible through the window of the body


Testing our timing bridge!



RC race 16th of October, Mushrif Park Dubai

Important Race Day information here

Exciting news!! in full support of the RC community, we have been collaborating closely with the UAE RC GROUP who are to put on a RC race on the 16th of October, at Mushrif Park in Dubai.

The currently still temporary RC track in Dubai has come a long way over the past few months, and a providing for some excellent Friday evening RC fun for those interested in racing on a track, or watching the drag racers on the same lot.  

We believe it’s about time for a proper race. Provided all necessary “checks” are covered and subject to COVID related announcements, there will be a full day of fun racing across three classes, Tamiya M-Chassis, Losi Mini-T, and 1/10- Electric Touring Cars (13.5 Blinky).

A bit more about each race class and specifications for each class can be found further down on this page.

Pending attendee numbers, we are planning to start at 10 AM and run 4 qualifying heats per race class, and an A & B main finals, with the overall day to end by 19:00.

The main purpose of this race is, first of all, to have fun, raise awareness of the RC community in the UAE. It will the first of its kind RC race in Dubai, so we ask everyone to come with an open mind.

There will be no fee for joining the race itself. 

Interested in joining? Sign up here so we can get in touch.

Race Classes information:

Losi Mini T Class

About: The Losi Mini T and Mini T 2.0 are RTR 1/18 scale 2WD stadium trucks that honour the original Losi 22, a 1/10 scale vehicle. Given their fantastic heritage, they are extremely fun, well handling and robust cars that provide for light-hearted competitive level racing.

Recommended Skill Level: Beginner to Expert

General Rules:

  1. Chassis must be a Losi Mini T or Mini T 2.0
  2. Strictly permitted to alter the basic structure of Chassis
  3. Losi Mini-T aluminium upgrades are permitted
  4. Spec Motor Rules: Brushless motor with no more than 6000kv
  5. No BOOST ESC (Electronic Speed Control) rules: ESC may be used capable of “Blinky-Mode”. These ESC’s must not use electronic timing (boost).
  6. Tires – stock only
  7. Gearing: original stock pinion only

1/10 Electric Touring Car Class

About: RC Touring Cars are among the fastest in RC racing. In race trim, 1/10-scale electric touring cars can attain close to 50+mph on any given track… limited only by the length of the straightaway. Competition level cars are set up and tuned with the same level of attention as passenger sized race cars, where every setup is looked at in extreme detail for better handling, speed and overall performance to win time.

Recommended Skill Level: Advanced to Expert

  1. Any 4wd 110 electric touring car specified chassis
  2. 13.5T Brushless Motor
  3. ESC.- No BOOST ESC (Electronic Speed Control) rules: ESC may be used capable of “Blinky-Mode”. These ESC’s must not use electronic timing (boost).
  4. Minimum weight: 1320 gr
  5. Body: 190mm – 4 door touring car body
  6. Tires: Rubber tires 
  7. Traction compound is permitted.
  8. Tire warmers are not permitted.

Tamiya M-Chassis Class 

About:  Tamiya M-Chassis is one of the most popular classes at TCS events. The M-Chassis class features low cost, fun and competitive racing with mid-sized FWD and RWD machines. Professional and Sponsored individuals are not allowed to race in this class.

Recommended Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced

  1. Legal chassis platforms: M-07, M-08 platforms only. (Older platforms may be used, but will be at a gear ratio disadvantage)
  2. Spec Motor Rules: Participants in this class fixed timing motor not lower than 16t.
  3. No BOOST ESC (Electronic Speed Control) rules: ESC may be used capable of “Blinky-Mode”. These ESC’s must not use electronic timing (boost).
  4. Minimum weight: All M-chassis cars must meet a minimum weight of 1300 grams.
  5. Gearing: 24 tooth maximum pinion size for the M-07/08. 20T for all other chassis variants.

General Rules applying to all Tamiya class races

Make sure to read race class-specific rules for any restrictions/exceptions from the general rules. Chassis

  1. All chassis platforms must be built per the instruction manual. Altering their basic structure and design is prohibited.
  2. Any Hop-Up Option and spare part is allowed and legal as long as it is used in the way it was designed, and installed on the vehicle it was designed for.
  3. It is strictly forbidden to re-engineer or modify stock or Hop-Up-Options parts.
  4. Chassis lightening (through milling parts) is prohibited in all TCS classes.
  5. Lightweight screws and adjustable turnbuckles that are made of aluminium, steel or Titanium made by other manufactures is permitted.
  6. The use of shims (available at most hobby stores and made available by Tamiya) to remove the slop or play in suspension arms, steering bell-cranks, and wheel axles is permitted in all vehicles.
  7. Changing the camber-link positions on the car other than the way it was intended per the instruction manual or “chassis setting sheet” is prohibited.
  8. Camber links must be positioned in the existing bulkhead mounting holes. Drilling new camber link holes is prohibited.
  9. Steering tie-rod linkages, on all chassis platforms, must be attached to the steering knuckle per the instruction manual. Drilling new holes to change “Ackerman” is not permitted. Raising and lowering the steering tie-rods with shims, on the steering knuckle itself to change bump steer is not allowed unless specified in the chassis manual, set-up sheet, or Hop-Up-Option instruction.
  10. You may alter the car in any way called out in the “car instruction manual” or “chassis setting sheet”. If the “chassis setting sheet” calls out the adjustment, then it’s legal to make the change to your car.
  11. Any manufactured ball bearing may be used as a Hop-Up.
  12. Internal Drive Gears: You must use the internal drive gears called out in the chassis assembly manual. The internal drive gears of ANY chassis platform may not be altered, changed or modified unless it is done with Tamiya Hop-Up Options designed for that specific purpose. Using different Pulley, Ring, and Pinion gears from different chassis platforms to create a hybrid internal drive ratio is not allowed. Furthermore, you are not allowed to file, machine or Dremel the gear driveline to squeeze in bigger pinion and spur gears.


  1. The use of electronic driving aids is strictly prohibited. Examples: Gyroscopes connected to steering servos to control steering input and traction control devices connected to Electronic Speed Controls are NOT permitted.
  2. Electronics must be mounted in the general chassis locations outlined in the instruction manual of your car, especially STEERING SERVOS. You may move around receivers and ESC’s in alternate positions if the room in your car permits on the MAIN chassis deck only. In cases where a “Shorty” battery pack is being used, where chassis space is freed up, the ESC or Receiver may be repositioned.


  1. Any Lithium-Polymer (Li-Po) 7.4v battery may be used.
  2. Sport Ni-Cd and Ni-Mh batteries are legal.
  3. Any battery connector is allowed to be used in all classes.

  Car body rules  

  1. All car bodies must be painted and must be cut along the moulded trim lines.
  2. Removing material beyond/above the trim line is prohibited.
  3. Leaving extra material below the trim lines of the body is also prohibited.
  4. You are not allowed to create extra vent holes for the purpose of ventilation or performance enhancement.
  5. All car bodies must use the wings that are supplied in the.
  6. Mixing and matching the included ABS plastic wings, between different body styles, is prohibited.

Motor Rules

  1. Any motor connector or direct hard wiring to the motor is allowed.
  2. The use of any manufacturer’s cooling fan is legal. However, the fan must be no larger than 1.5 in. X 1.5 in. or 40mm square, and must run off the receiver or direct from the main battery pack. It is ILLEGAL to have a secondary battery to power the fan. No more than 2 fans total are permitted in a vehicle. This includes the speed control fan.
  3. It is forbidden to crank the physical timing mechanically or through the use of rare earth magnets. This rule applies to all the classes that use the Tamiya 540-J/Mabuchi or Torque-Tuned silver can motor.
  4. It is FORBIDDEN to “COOK” brushless motor rotors to weaken magnet strength.
  5. All Silver-CAN Johnson 540-J, RS-540 Torque-Tuned motors are limited to 23,500 RPM maximum RPM.
  6. Brushless motor classes may not have less than 16T (stock timing/ not adjustable)

  Tire & Wheel Rules

  1.   Tire conditioners are allowed
  2. Tire warmers are not allowed
Interested in joining? Sign up here so we can get in touch.


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Facts about our off-road RC Track

The off-road RC track was added to the facilities in 2015 to complement the pre-existing on-road track within the Al Ain Sportsplex. It is the UAEs only permanent RC racing facilities and therefore, considered the home of competitive RC Racing. 

 The track layout is from own Binona driver Edward Anthonisijz, an experienced RC driver who is well embedded with the global RC community and travels annually to compete at various international RC Events. 


The off-road RC track is adaptable to accommodate different routes providing suitable runs for both 1/8 and 1/10 scale Nitro and Electric vehicles across a roughly 1400 square-meter surface with lanes averaging a width of 4.5m. The track has sufficient barriers to hold the integrity of the lanes, and islands to enable track marshal to operate. 

 Depending on the configuration of the track itself, drivers will encounter many challenging turns, fast straights, at varying levels and heights of the track, in addition to 4-6 jumps. 


UAE Rc Track



 The most noteworthy part about the UAE RC Tracks that it is built within the desert and had to engineered to overcome the extreme, abrasive desert weather conditions the Middle East is known, viable to hold as permanent facilities while also keep maintenance scalable. 

Meeting the requirements mentioned above was no small feature. It required 75 trucks of custom soil material had to be acquired and brought in, compacted and sealed by a company that specializes in soil and erosion control. 

It’s most pleasing to say that the effort has paid off and that track stands out for its unique surface and terrain midst the desert setting. 

In comparison to many other off-road tracks, our surface provides higher traction surface than most off-road tracks you may come across, providing an out of the norm, and challenging experience to find the right set-up while maximizing the fun factor. 

Five years in, the track has maintained its integrity and condition proving the well-designed efforts have paid off carrying a slight groove embedding the legacy of many great races and track days. 

Looking back: Off-Road Track opening, and National Day Championship with International drivers.

We have been very active tidying up our digital presence and planning while we are all doing our best to safe guard public health in light of COVID-19 and waiting for restrictions to lift and the track to re-open to ease the RC addict in us.

As with most spring cleaning and planning, there is usually a moment of reflecting and looking back at the hard work and good times, that have built our little RC Racing community and what makes it great.

A key moment that sticks out is official opening of our Off-Road Track for UAE National day 2015, and also first International Race with drivers coming in from various corners of the world, such as Kuwait, Oman, United States, and Thailand, in addition to our UAE based drivers.

Among our attendance we were pleased to welcome professional drivers Ryan Lutz, Meen Verjak, Surikarn Chaidajsuriya.

Hosting a race with International Drivers together with our Local racers was a very compelling opportunity to invest in our local community and one we won’t forget.

To keep things simple and share the experience here is a collection of material we have come across the past few days, including the documentary video and the Team Tekno RC Blog post on Ryan Lutz experience with us.

RC Racing in the region is still very nascent, and as we continue to grow the community, interest and skill of our drivers, we hope to put on similar events in the future


Tekno RC Blog Race report:

Source: Tekno RC Blog

Ryan Lutz Wins National Day Event at Binona RC in Al Ain, UAE.

Ryan Lutz attended the first International race at Binona RC track in Al Ain, UAE, winning both nitro buggy and truggy classes against some international high profile drivers. Here is a report from Ryan:

This past weekend I traveled nearly halfway around the world to attend the first International race at Binona RC in Al Ain, United Arab Emirates. The journey would take me on a 24 hour trip one way, with another 1.5 hour drive from the Dubai airport. I must admit there was a bit of apprehension traveling to the Middle East with all that is going on in the world today. But I also suspected that much of it is overblown sensationalism by the US Media. My trip there was overall good including getting business class on the longest leg from Atlanta to Amsterdam. The only negative was the 24 hours + of sitting and being stuck in a sardine can, but for the most part it went reasonably fast.

ea169ce5-6a7f-4c11-a274-157775e2c44f (1)
Good group of guys at Binona RC Tracks in UAE.

Meen V and Surikan from Thailand also made the trip and it turned out Meen and I would have some good close competition in the buggy class. The challenge was of course the set-up on this super hard, abrasive, high traction surface. I threw all kinds of set-up changes at my buggy and although it wasn’t perfect even at the end I got it much closer though lots of trial and error.


Upon arrival to the track on Thursday morning I got to see what looked to be a fun track with a peculiar surface. The track was basically completely concrete, which I was informed of ahead of time, so I made sure to bring my AKA Medium Long Wear compound tires. The racing scene is new to this region and so the turnout was very light by most event standards that I attend. However those who did attend all had a great time, and I hope were able to learn some things by me being able to attend.

Binona RC Track
Binona RC Track

In qualifying I was able to take TQ in Buggy and Truggy in Q1. In Q2 though I had a couple to many mistakes and Meen would take the TQ in buggy. In Q3 I got caught up in traffic and Meen again got me and thus I overall got TQ in truggy and 2nd in buggy.

View from the back stretch
View from the back stretch

In buggy their was enough entries to do a Semi-Final, and so in the 30 minute semi-final I was able to win and put in the fastest 30 minute run by a couple laps to seat first into the 45 min A-final. About 10 minutes after the Semi- Buggy was the 45 minute truggy A-final. I had a good time in this race stretching a 9 minute pit strategy with the new Alpha Dragon 3 engine. Again the engines running great in both cars! In the last 3 minutes or so I came in for a quick splash of fuel because for that remaining time I tried not to lift! I drove full throttle everywhere and tried to do some bicycles around corners and down the straight. I had a great time and it sounded like all those watching did as well. After the tone sounded I won the 45min race by nearly 8 laps.

Truggy A-Final Result. Top three drivers driving the NT48.3 Truggy!
Truggy A-Final Result. Top three drivers driving the NT48.3 Truggy!

Truggy Podium, all Tekno RC!
Truggy Podium, all Tekno RC!

My Dialed as Always Tekno NT48.3
My Dialed as Always Tekno NT48.3

Last was the 45 min Buggy final. At the start Meen was chomping at my heels for the first 3 laps until I finally got a groove and built a 2 second lead. Then I had a very poor lap with 3 crashes (and limited marshalls) which ended up costing me 18 seconds on that one lap! So now I was 18 seconds behind Meen but I found a groove and started clicking off consistent high 29’s with Meen doing low 30’s. So I was gaining and soon found myself 10 seconds back. He then made a mistake and I was within 2. I finished reeling him in and shortly there after he had to do some tire changes as his tires came unglued. So with the issues he ended up having I set it into 100% cruise control and still tried to nail those 29’s every lap. I would end up taking the win by over 5 laps in the 45 minutes.

My Evermore Dialed Tekno RC NB48.3
My Evermore Dialed Tekno RC NB48.3

I want to give a huge thank you to Edward for inviting me to the event and to Aws for driving me around and taking me back to Dubai after the races. I met a lot of great people and I really hope this event is the spark that will get R/C growing in the U.A.E.

Finally it’s break time for me with just some club racing to tide me over until next year. Looking forward to the family time!


Source: Tekno RC Blog

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