22nd of Jan – RC Race Day information

Race day is nearly upon us and thanks to some great teamwork we have all in place to go ahead!! It was by all means down to the wire. We are very excited to have a total of 31 drivers across 44 cars registered for tomorrow breaking our existing record. Please read this top to bottom, including safety and facility messaging as it includes updated points. 

Sounds like a lot, but it’s honestly easy, and some quality RC bonding time with a significant amount of adrenaline!!

1) Safety

COVID-19 precautions:

  • Social Distancing (min 2m) must be adhered to at all times
  • Everyone must Wear Masks at all times 
  • If you do not feel well or showing symptoms, please do not come, and notify us
  • Body temperatures must be measured upon arrival and documented
  • Hand Sanitizers are placed on all tables and to be used regularly and we ask everyone to help keep surfaces clean 
  • The Race Admin area is only to be occupied by the race administration, not racers
  • Only Race Administration and registered racers occupy pit area and driving stands. Please ask all visitors to spectate from the other side of the track.
  • Drivers Briefing and Awarding must take place outside of the pit tent in a socially distanced manor. 
  • If anyone at any time shows temperature or symptoms, you will need to self isolate in your vehicle while we notify the DHA for guidance on next steps

General Safety

  • We recommend wearing closed shoes to protect your feet during track marshalling
  • We ask everyone’s support to advise spectators and passers-by to not step into the track to avoid Injury. Especially Children 
  • Batteries are to be kept in a LIPO Bag or case while charging, or not in use

2) Facilities 

  • Everyone is to use bins and help keep our area clean and make use of garbage bins close by
  • If bins are full, we have extra bin bags on standby, ask! 

3.) Schedule and Times

  • We continue to grow, so therefore also the need to respect everyone’s time 
  • Aim to arrive as early as possible no later than between 9-9:30 AM 
  • Driver briefing will be at 9:45 
  • First qualifier starts at 10 AM
  • We aim to end by Sunset followed by the awarding ceremony

4.) Upon arrival 

  • Immediately meet Robert Murrell to get your temperature checked and documented, mark your arrival in race system, and pick up your transponder if needed (100AED deposit per transponder).  

5.) Transponders

  • All registered racers are now showing live on Live RC 
  • If you own a transponder, confirm the number is correct (if not notify Race Admin)
  • If you don’t own a transponder you will receive it from Rob upon arrival (per point 3)
  • Installation instructions are available here

6.) Race 

  • Each class will drive three qualifying heats upon which the points from your two best qualifiers will count and see which Main you are in, and which position you will start in.
  • You will receive Race Numbers to stick on your car to help identify your car (these may change between Qualifiers and Mains)
  • Your aim in the qualifier is to drive the most amount of clean laps in the shortest amount of time. Your Qualifying position after 5 minutes will determine your points. 


  • Qual position 1 – 0pt 
  • Qual position 2 – 1pt
  • Details to which heats, line up and position you are in will be shared via the WhatsApp group and if facilities permit per printout. 
  • Each Qualifying and Main Heat will be 5 minutes
  • Qualifiers will have a staggered start where the computer will call out your name upon which you start racing. 
  • Qualifiers from the straight (no longer just in front of the timing bridge). 
  • Mains will start from the GRID where the computer will count down the race’s start. 
  • If your car breaks on the track, please remove it repair of track

8.) Driving standards 

  • Please be respectful of other drivers on the track and their equipment 
  • Show Teammanship throughout the entire day and the race. Help each other become faster. If you accidentally jumped a barrier and gained a position via short cut, let that person pass you again. 
  • Intentional ramming is strongly discouraged
  • Speak to each other on the driving stand
  • There will be no use of the track between Qualifier or Mains Heats
  • Cars are to be placed on the straight with no laps driven until the start of the heat unless the Race Director asks you to so
  • Qualifiers are not a Main – focus on clean lines and times
  • If you are on the same lap. If the person behind is lapping, you must give way. 

 7.) Class specifications

  • We are very proud our community is growing and our driver’s ability increase. Therefore we must continue to protect our races’ integrity races’ integrity to enable future growth.
  • We will start focusing more on technical adherence to race specifications. This creates an equal playing field and more competition during the race. 
  • We maintain the right to inspect your car at any time. 
  • Our initial priority will be on motors having the correct number of turns, the ability of ESCs to support Blinky and batteries at max 2S. 
  • As well we’ll be checking the minimum weight of each car.
  • We have 13.5T motors on loan to support with the transition. 
  • Each racers must  have complete the sign up registration form on RC-ME.com acknowledging you have read all class information on

8.) Track Marshallsg

  • We are one big team that helps each other; everyone is responsible after their race to be a track, Marshall. If you are racing in back-to-back races, please identify someone in the group who can track Marshall on your behalf. 

9.) Charging 

  • A generator on site to facilitate charging said we expect a higher load. If you can charge using an inverter or car battery, please do so.

10.) Lunch 

  • We will aim to leave a slightly longer break of around 30 min (longer if time permits) between qualifiers and finals. We do not provide lunch, so we recommend you prepare your food. Talabat does deliver to location please pre-order to avoid conflict with times.