1/8 RC Buggy Race at at Binona – 3rd of December 2021

Binona RC with the support of RC-ME.com will be hosting our second off road buggy event of the year on the 3rd of December at our very own track in Al Ain.

Race Information


We will be racing the 1/8 Nitro Buggies

Race Fee: 100 AED (covers admin and track marshalls)

Rules & Specifications

Please make sure to read the specs for 1/8 Nitrobuggy on our recently updated RC race class information and specs here.


Click here to sign up to race on RC-ME.com

Race Day Schedule and information

1.) Safety

COVID-19 precautions:

  • Social Distancing (min 2m) must be adhered to at all times
  • Everyone must Wear Masks at all times 
  • If you do not feel well or showing symptoms, please do not come, and notify us
  • Hand Sanitizers are placed on all tables and to be used regularly and we ask everyone to help keep surfaces clean 
  • The Race Admin area is only to be occupied by the race administration, not racers
  • Only Race Administration and registered racers occupy pit area and driving stands. Please ask all visitors to spectate from the other side of the track.
  • Drivers Briefing and Awarding must take place outside of the pit tent in a socially distanced manor. 
  • If anyone at any time shows temperature or symptoms, you will need to self isolate in your vehicle while we notify the DHA for guidance on next steps

General Safety:

  • We recommend wearing closed shoes to protect your feet during track marshalling
  • We ask everyone’s support to advise spectators and passers-by to not step into the track to avoid Injury. Especially Children 
  • Batteries are to be kept in a LIPO Bag or case while charging, or not in use

2.) Location

3.) Facilities 

  • Everyone is to use bins and help keep our area clean and make use of garbage bins close by
  • If bins are full, we have extra bin bags on standby, ask!
  • Toilets are available on site
  • Please bring your own food

4.) Schedule

We continue to grow, so therefore also need to respect everyone’s time. heats will be run on schedule independent of racers being at the drivers stand.

Registration check in11:00 AM 12:00 PM
Driver Briefing 12:00 PM12:15 PM
Qualifiers 12:30 PM2:30 PM
Break02:30 PM03:30 PM
Mains03:40 PM04:40 PM
Award Ceremony05:30 PM06:00 PM

A provisional heat schedule is at the end of this page.

5.) Upon arrival 

  • Registration – Immediately meet us at the administration desk so we can check you in the race system

6.) Driver Briefing

  • Attendance to the driver briefing ins mandatory.
  • We will share important information for the race and also handout race numbers.

7.) Transponders

  • We will be using the Mylaps transponders system.
  • Drivers must bring their own (no rental available)
  • If you own a transponder, confirm the number is correct (if not notify Race Admin)

8.) Class specifications

  • We are very proud our community is growing and our driver’s ability increase. Therefore we must continue to protect our races’ integrity races’ integrity to enable future growth.
  • We continue to increase our focus more on technical adherence to race specifications. This creates an equal playing field and more competition during the race. 
  • Each racers must  have complete the sign up registration form on RC-ME.com acknowledging you have read all class information

9.) How the Race works 


  • For race classes with high participation the drivers will be broken up into several groups.
  • The number of heats each group drivers per class (1/8 Nitro buggy) will vary depending on how many participants are in each class, and our ability to manage schedule for us to start and finish on time on race day.
  • Heats will be 4 Min
  • For each round (heat) drivers will get points, based on number of laps and time of finishing laps.
  • Qualifying Rounds (heats) will have a staggered start where the computer will call out your name up which you start the race.
  • Every driver will have full 4 Minutes on the track.
  • In each round, drivers will score points based on the laps and times achieved.
  • The number of points awarded to the best driver will be equal to 0, second position 2, points, 3rd position 3 points etc. Up to last position one by one.
  • In every round, in case of a tie, the points will be equally awarded to each driver, and the first driver not to tie, will receive points according to their position in the qualifying list.
  • For example:
    • 1st driver will score 0 points
    • 2nd driver will score 2 points
    • 3rd driver will score 3 points
    • 4th driver will score 4 points
    • 5th driver 7 laps, 10:01:00 will score 5 points TIE
    • 6th driver 7 laps, 10:01:00 will score 5 points TIE
    • 7th driver 7 laps, 10:01:00 will score 5 points
    • TIE 8th driver 7 laps, 10:10:00 will score 8 points
  • In the event of a tied position for the final Qualifying positions when ‘best’ scores are added together, only the scores (and laps/times) from counting Rounds added will be used to decide the tie. The discarded Round scores (and laps/times) will not be used to decide any tie. The driver with the lowest individual points within the Round scores added will be awarded the tie: (eg. 1+2+3=6 beats 2+2+2=6). If the tie continues, the next best individual points will be considered: (eg. 1+1+4=6 beats 1+2+3=6).
  • If a comparison of points fails to break the tie, then the laps & times from each drivers lowest point scoring Round will be compared. The driver with the fastest laps & time from their lowest point scoring Round will be awarded the tie. In the unlikely event of these times being equal, then the second best points scoring Round times will be used. If a driver does not score a time (or has his time disqualified) in any Round, the driver scores points equal to 500, DNS (Did Not Start).
  • In the case the race director needs to call a false start, all cars are to remain on the track and drivers are to remain on the stand and follow the race directors instructions. It is not permitted to make any changes or modification to your car in in the time between the false start and restart of the race.

Overall qualifying positions

The results are based on the points where the result is determined as such:

  • Out of  three (3) Qualifying Rounds: each drivers best two (2) point scores (lowest) will be added to count for the Overall Ranking.
  • Out of two or one (2/1) Qualifying Rounds: each drivers best one (1) point score (lowest) will be used to count for the Overall Ranking.

All drivers will be entitled to participate in a Main final (A,B,C)

Mains (Finals)

  • The groups class will be 30min for A-Main and 20min for B-Main.
  • The overall amount of Mains (i.e. A-Main, B-Main, C-Main) is determined by the amount of participants per class
  • For each round (heat) drivers will get points, based on number of laps and time of finishing laps.
  • Mains Rounds (heats) will have a Grid Start signaled by the race system or announcement from race admin
  • The Main you participate in and the position on the grid is determined by your results in the qualifying rounds.
  • We aim to run up to 3 rounds (heats_ per Main, and will run minimum 1 if schedule does not permit.

The results are based on the points where the result is determined as such:

  • Out of  three (3) Main Rounds: each drivers best two (2) point scores (lowest) will be added to count for the Overall Final score.
  • Out of two or one (2/1) Main Rounds: each drivers best one (1) point score (lowest) will be used to count for the Overall Ranking.

There will be a podium and top 3 winners determined for each Main (A,B,C) per class.

10.) Technical Inspection

  • Technical inspections will take place before and after heats at random selection
  • We maintain the right to inspect your car at any time.
  • Cars which are not presented for technical inspection upon request may be disqualified from that heat.
  • Any race damage will be taken into account.
  • At the end of finals, all cars will be impounded and may be inspected.

11.) Driving Standards

  • Please be respectful of other drivers on the track and their equipment 
  • Show Teammanship throughout the entire day and the race. Help each other become faster. If you accidentally jumped a barrier and gained a position via short cut, let that person pass you again. 
  • Intentional ramming is strongly discouraged
  • Speak to each other on the driving stand
  • There will be no use of the track between Qualifier or Mains Heats
  • Cars are to be placed on the straight with no laps driven until the start of the heat unless the Race Director asks you to so
  • Qualifiers are not a Main – focus on clean lines and times
  • If you are on the same lap. If the person behind is lapping, you must give way. 

12.) Track Marshalls

Hired track Marshalls will be available and funded from the race fee

12.) Food

Please bring your own food.

13.) Provisional heat Schedule