Round up – Mushrif Park Race 20th of November

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The 2nd Mushrif Park On-Road RC race took place yesterday and it turned out to be another epic day with several new drivers in bringing us to a total race day count of 21 drivers, with 29 entries providing growth all three classes with the biggest turnout being in the 1/10 electric touring car class with 16 entries providing for two full groups, which went well against our most competitive M-Chassis group which provided for some of the most exciting racing across the day. A huge shout out too to both Abdulla Aris and Dave De geus who really claimed success taking podium across two classes (see

Huge thanks again to the partnership of the UAE RC Group and generosity of our RV Bin Lahej who provided for Pit facilities and electricity.

Once again, a special thanks to our dear friend Basim from UAE RC Pro came through again with some awesome footage of the race and award ceremony we are pleased to share in this post. (Check out the epic video at end)

Further down you will find further photo and social media contributions from throughout the day!

…and now a huge congratulations to all our winners again:

1/10 Electric Touring Car, 13.5 Blinky

1/10 Touring Car podium
1/10 Touring Car Podium left to right: Herbert Dazo on behalf of 2nd place Rudy Khoubbieh, 1st Edward Anthonijsz, 3rd Dave De geus


1st Edward Anthonijsz

2nd – Rudy Khoubbieh

3rdDave De geus

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1/10 Touring Car B Main Podium
1/10 Touring Car B Main Podium Left to right 2nd Nicky Taruc, 1st Paolo Pabilonia, 3rd – Ala Khaleel

1st Paolo Pabilonia

2nd – Nicky Taruc

3rdAla Khaleel

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Tamiya M-Chass


Tamiya M-Chassis Podium
Tamiya M-Chassis Amain winners left to right 3rd – Edward Anthonijsz, 1st – Abdulla Aris, 2nd – Dave De geus

1st Abdulla Rais

2nd – Dave De geus

3rdEdward Anthonijsz

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Tamiya M-Chassis: Bmain winners left to right 2nd – Robert Murrell, 1st – Victor Agustin, 3rd – Ari De geus


1st Victor Agustin

2nd – Robert Murrell

3rdAri De geus

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Losi Mini T AMain: winners left to right 2nd – Robert Murrell, 1st – Abdulla Aris, 3rd – Allan Anday

Losi Mini-T

1st Abdulla Aris

2nd – Robert Murrell

3rdAllan Anday

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UAE RC PRO round up

Award Ceremony

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