Open Practice – Losi Mini T fun Race, excellent TC lap time and other fun facts!

Here is a round-up on this past Friday, 23rd of Octobers, open practice at Mushrif Park. While the track was moved to the other side of the parking lot since last weeks, race, all efforts were made to keep the layout roughly the same to keep things as roughly comparable as possible, at the same level of fun.

Also, the weather is improving so we managed turned up earlier to give the track a proper clean and sugar treatment and setup timing system so we can continue to refine how we set up races, and drivers could look at their practice lap times. No one could argue with the fact we had good fun!

Losi mini T Fun Race

Several of our Losi Mini T drivers showed up at the track enabling to set up a short fun race (no class rules) with 2 x 3min heats for a qualifier and main based on points.

It was all about fun (no class rules)! Still congrats to Abdulla Rais taking 1st, followed by Edward Anthonijsz on 2nd (on Herb’s car and transponder), and Robert Murrell 3rd place. Final results and lap times are available on

11.9 second 1/10 TC Lap Time

Please also check out this excellent 11.9-second lap by Edward Anthonijsz (again on Herb’s car and transponder) on Instagram. It’s good fun to watch the car take the final two turns and cross the line after the straight.

Fun Fact

At our first on-road race in Mushrif park on the 16th of October, a total of 1600 race laps were registered across a total race time of 8 hours, 23 minutes!

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