Race Day information – Dubai RC Track, Mushrif Park 16th of October

Race Day is getting closer friends so here is some information to make things go smooth. If you haven’t done so already please do so here

When & Where?

Please aim to arrive by 09:00 on the 16th of October at the Dubai RC Track in Mushrif park (click here for map). We will open the day with a race briefing at 09:30. The first qualifying race will start at 10:00.  It’s important to arrive on time.

Important note: The entire race, and its schedule is run programmatically by the software live, it's therefore important to be on time to participate, and you will risk missing out on points.

Ahead of the briefing between 09:15 we will be handing out transponders for which you will need to leave a 100 AED deposit, you will receive back when you return the transponder.

We will also be at Mushrif park this Friday the 9th in case you want to pick up your transponder earlier so you have time to install. We will have the timing bridge with us, so you can test it out on the spot as well, if you wish.

Click here to see to install the Track Mate Transponder

How does the Race work?

After you have arrived, setup and participated on the the race briefing, you will split racers up into two groups (Group 1 & 2) for each class.

Everyone will drive 3 Qualifying and 3 Final heats. The Qualifying heats will determine the starting positions during the A & B Finals. Each hat will take a total of 5 minutes, where you will have the objective to run as many laps as possible. Your lap count and times will be tracked pragmatically based on the installed transponder assigned to you.

Click here to see detailed race schedule


Pit Area –  Chairs and tables will be provided.

Electricity – A generator will be provided, and required to uphold the running of the lap timing system. It will be available for you to plug in your battery chargers. We however strongly prefer you charge from a 12V car battery for us to avoid overloading the generator and potentially causing interference to the race.

Driving Stand – A trailer will be available as a driving stand. It does have limited space, so we still recommend to bring your own driving stand (e.g. step ladder)

Toilets – are within a few minutes walking distance

Lunch & Drinks

There is no catering on site, so please bring your own lunch and sufficient drinking water for the day. Avoid racing hangry!! A good race can be tense as it is!

Update: We have confirmed that food deliveries, such as Deliveroo, Talabat etc..  are permitted to enter the park.

Race Schedule 16h

Arrival Time: 9:00 AM

Race Briefing: 9:30 AM

Heat Group Class Start End
Q1 1 M-Chassis 10:00 10:05
2 M-Chassis 10:20 10:25
1 Mini -T 10:30 10:35
1 TC 10:40 10:45
2 TC 10:50 10:55
Q2 1 M-Chassis 11:00 11:05
2 M-Chassis 11:20 11:25
1 Mini -T 11:30 11:35
1 TC 11:40 11:45
2 TC 11:50 11:55
Q3 1 M-Chassis 12:00 12:05
2 M-Chassis 12:20 12:25
1 Mini -T 12:30 12:35
1 TC 12:40 12:45
2 TC 12:50 12:55
Break (13:00 – 14:00)
Final Heats
Heat Group Class Start End
F1 B M-Chassis 14:10 14:15
A M-Chassis 14:20 14:25
A Mini -T 14:30 14:35
B TC 14:40 14:45
A TC 14:50 14:55
F2 B M-Chassis 15:00 15:05
A M-Chassis 15:10 15:15
A Mini -T 15:20 15:25
B TC 15:30 15:35
A TC 15:40 15:45
F3 B M-Chassis 15:50 15:55
A M-Chassis 16:00 16:05
A Mini -T 16:10 16:15
B TC 16:20 16:25
A TC 16:30 16:35

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