Track Mate Transponder Installation

How the Track Mate RC timing system works

The Track Mate Iridium lap counter uses infrared technology in its transponders and detectors. When a transponder (each have a unique ID), attached to your RC car passes under a timing bridge holding the detectors, it sends a signal to our PC that captures all the Lap details (count and time) and helps us manage the race.

Transponders registration

We will provide you a transponder with a Unique ID which we will save your details against, that you will need to install in your car.


The transponder will be provided for free against a 100 AED (per transponder) deposit, you will receive upon returning the transponder fully functional.

Installing the transponder

The transponder needs to be securely installed on the chassis of your car, with servo tape or Velcro, of your car where the IR LED of the transponder (square and white) is able to “see” the sensors of the timing bridge through a transparent piece of the body (e.g. window).

Important Note: You may need to cut a hole in your body, or remove any stickers covering the window to create a line of site between the transponder and the timing bridge. We do not recommend attaching the transponder outside of the body.

Power supply:

The transponder is equipped with a connector which you can plug into a spare slot of your receiver to receive power .

If  you do not have a spare slot in your receiver it is possible to use a y-harness connector to make use of a single receiver slot to both power your transponder and your servo/esc.

Servo Y Harness
The Y Harness is used to make use of a single receiver slot to power a servo/esc and transponder at same time

Installation Examples:

Tamiya M-Chassis:

Track Mate Transponder on Tamiya M-Chassis
The Track Mate transponder is securely fitted to the Chassis of the Tamiya M-Chassis

1:10 Electric Touring Car:

Track Mate Transponder security fitted to Chassis of 1:10 Touring Car
The Track Mate Transponder is securely fitted to the body of the 1:10 Electric Touring Car
Track Mate transponder in 1:10 Touring Car
The Track Mate responder is clearly visible through the window of the body


Testing our timing bridge!



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