Why we are fans of the Losi Mini T 2.0

In early May as COVID-19 restrictions were continuously, and changing and nearly every day, our ability to reach the track was increasingly limited. Our very own Rob, and avid 1/8 Nitro driver, and Herb, at the time, looking return to the hobby at the time, both purchased each a 1/18 scale Losi Mini T 2.0s.

Fast-forwarding to today, as access to the UAEs only RC Track remains restricted, the small re-invented 2WD Stadium Truck, that honours the heritage based on the Losi 22T 1/10 scale truck has become quite a big thing. We are more for serious around the idea of racing them, which at first, started more as humour.

There is already plenty on the web to read about the Min-T 20, but here is a quick round-up followed by why Herb and Rob love it, and it has the potential to be its own racing class.

Features of Losi Mini T 2.0s.:

  • Mid Motor Configuration
  • Aluminum Chassis
  • Threaded Oil Filled Shocks
  • Fully assembled and ready-to-run
  • Dynamite 7.4V 2S 650mAh 20C Li-Po Battery
  • BK Bar Tires with Dish Wheels
  • Full Ball Bearings (less steering)
  • Servo Saver
  • Waterproof electronics
  • 22 Suspension Geometry
  • Option Parts Availability

Why Rob loves it:

” For me, the COVID-19 shut down deprived me of my weekly race venue at Binona RC track in Al Ain UAE. Firstly because of the banning of groups then the closure of the borders with Abu Dhabi, (all very understandable). It meant my RC trigger finger was very itchy and needed an outlet-running nitro car’s in the neighbourhood wasn’t the way to go so in stepped the Losi mini T2 recently released…
A Ready to Run (Ready To Run) car out of the box including, even the batteries, for the transmitter was a bundle of fun right off the bat. Around the same time restrictions were eased and some of us frustrated RC guys started meeting at an RC Track in Dubai, at Mushrif Park locally, and it’s opened up a new race class possibility. The car is reasonably cheap and exciting particularly for new and old in the hobby and has pedigree coming from Losi, a major in the higher end RC world…
The car itself from the start is perfectly satisfactory, but of course, I couldn’t leave it as is so have upgraded the motor and speed control units to get more speed and adjustment out of it.
Of course, it doesn’t replace the noise, smell and speed of nitro racing but for now and hopefully, into the future, I have found a quick and easy release and even a new following in 1/18th scale racing.”

Why Herbs a fan:

” The Mini T 2.0 was a reasonable first step, getting back, into RC for me. I was very familiar with the original Losi 22T, from the RC club I was a member of as a young boy. So the idea of affordable Mini version of the competitive level truck, I know I can set up, tune and repair, that came out of the box with everything (transmitter, lipo & charger) was perfect.

It has far outweighed my expectations and, especially during COVID lockdown, helped me defeat boredom bashing it in front of our house daily, across the street and over concrete curbs, with no real need for any parts repair, till very recently.

Once restrictions were eased a little bit,  Rob and I met up at a temporary RC Track in Dubai, and noticed a much larger following than expected.

The car very much retained genetics, therefore provide for perfect race action and an extra level of fun at the same time.”

I recently upgraded the car with the dynamite brushless motor/ESC combo and its tripled the fun factor at the local track. It has proven itself in so many ways and is ready for an organized race!

I know I have three Mini T 2.0s, one for my daughter who I hope gets into it, and an extra to let friends join in!

I guess the bug bit! I have since also purchased a 1/10 Yokomo BD10 and a Team Associated RC10B6.2D.”

Please note: A race has been announced to take place October 2020at the Mushrif Park RC Track in Dubai, including the Losi Mini T 2.0 one the three classes. Click here to find out more.

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