Facts about our off-road RC Track

The off-road RC track was added to the facilities in 2015 to complement the pre-existing on-road track within the Al Ain Sportsplex. It is the UAEs only permanent RC racing facilities and therefore, considered the home of competitive RC Racing. 

 The track layout is from own Binona driver Edward Anthonisijz, an experienced RC driver who is well embedded with the global RC community and travels annually to compete at various international RC Events. 


The off-road RC track is adaptable to accommodate different routes providing suitable runs for both 1/8 and 1/10 scale Nitro and Electric vehicles across a roughly 1400 square-meter surface with lanes averaging a width of 4.5m. The track has sufficient barriers to hold the integrity of the lanes, and islands to enable track marshal to operate. 

 Depending on the configuration of the track itself, drivers will encounter many challenging turns, fast straights, at varying levels and heights of the track, in addition to 4-6 jumps. 


UAE Rc Track



 The most noteworthy part about the UAE RC Tracks that it is built within the desert and had to engineered to overcome the extreme, abrasive desert weather conditions the Middle East is known, viable to hold as permanent facilities while also keep maintenance scalable. 

Meeting the requirements mentioned above was no small feature. It required 75 trucks of custom soil material had to be acquired and brought in, compacted and sealed by a company that specializes in soil and erosion control. 

It’s most pleasing to say that the effort has paid off and that track stands out for its unique surface and terrain midst the desert setting. 

In comparison to many other off-road tracks, our surface provides higher traction surface than most off-road tracks you may come across, providing an out of the norm, and challenging experience to find the right set-up while maximizing the fun factor. 

Five years in, the track has maintained its integrity and condition proving the well-designed efforts have paid off carrying a slight groove embedding the legacy of many great races and track days. 

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